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Christine and John are married at the Angel Oak Tree – Charleston, South Carolina

Christine and John came down to Charleston from Chapel Hill, N.C. They wanted to get married at the Angel Oak Tree an important landmark here in the lowcountry. Well it rained most of the day and rained hard. So what! Friends and family made the trip to the Angel Oak and they were married in the pouring rain. They are the most easy going couple you would be lucky to meet, they were so awesome all day long. We did a wonderful first look in the rain ( see previous post) and it wasn’t until near late at the reception did it finally stop raining. So we headed out to the Charleston Waterfront Park area and found lots of water. We embraced to large pools of water and the stormy skies. As you can see in the last few pictures, it was a long and exciting day and evening!  All my best.

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