“The Kiss” behind the scenes look

My friends call this image “the kiss”. I call it careful planning and the help of a wonderful bride and groom. The back story is that on the day of this wedding it rained and then it rained some more. We didn’t give up on getting some nice outdoor photos. So the plan was when or “if” the sun comes out, they would allow me to take them quickly outside and work with them. I took an umbrella and did a bit of research where we could shoot if we get lucky and the closest spot from the reception area was a parking lot with this nice white wall. Just before sunset I spotted the sun peeking out of the clouds. We ran outside to this spot. I sat between several cars and placed them against the wall. I quickly noticed the nice shadows on the wall. I repositioned the bride and groom, took a few shots and the clouds returned causing the shadows to disappear. We did play in the rain some more, but we were all pleased with this parking lot shot and some creativity and planning.